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Why Badyal Law?

After practicing as a tax lawyer at prestigious law firms in New York City, San Diego, and San Francisco, Mr. Badyal decided to start his own law firm.  Without the encumbrances of multi-million dollar office leases and other extravagances of large law firms, Mr. Badyal is able to provide the highest quality legal service at reasonable prices.  In addition, Badyal Law aligns its interests with those of its clients through the use of alternative billing strategies.  Rather than pass all of the risks of legal representation to the client as most law firms do, Badyal Law offers its clients the choice of fixed fee representation whenever possible.

Badyal Law is dedicated to providing you the same quality legal services you would find at any of its “Big Law” competitors at a fraction of the price.  Although Mr. Badyal has experience working on many nine-figure transactions, he also enjoys providing much needed legal services to individuals and small business owners.  Therefore, regardless of the size of your legal issue, you can rest assured that Badyal Law is well equipped and willing to help you.  Badyal Law has broad experience in the areas of tax law, limited liability companies, joint ventures, private placements and fund formation.

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